Your own Video, Movie or Animation to promote your business

Westways can film, animate and edit short corporate videos or multimedia presentations. A short video for a corporate presentation or to help launch a new product or just a simple brand animation for youtube videos can give a you professional edge that will distinguish you from your competition. A movie can become a powerful marketing tool. Our data from email marketing shows that online customers will click on a video more than any other kind of media or link.

All the video productions we have created were complete turnkey solutions, where we created the story board, wrote the script, shot footage, sourced stock footage and music, managed the voice over talent and recording. Then everything is brought back together in our editing suite for final post production before being distributed online or on to disk.

Some of our global customers have required their videos to be translated in to different languages. Once we had completed the english versions we then had the scripts and on screen text translated, voice over recorded in the second language then brought together one final time for distribution. 

See some of the movies and animations we have produced for clients below...

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