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4 reasons you should update your blog regularly

If you have an online presence for your business, you need to have a blog. It's just that simple.

A blog isn't just for mindless scrawling. It is an invaluable tool for promoting your brand and marketing your services. It not only keeps your existing customers engaged, it reaches out to new ones and builds a dynamic community.

Luckily, maintaining a blog is not only easy but cheap too, so there's really no excuse. Still not convinced? Here are four benefits that may tip you over the edge.

1. Search engine optimisation

Up-to-date content like fresh blog posts, littered with all the right keywords, attracts the attention of the major search engines, so that when your customer is on their laptop or device, they find you just at the right moment.

2. Foster relationships

Regular blogging gives your business a human face, or 'personality'. Inform, educate and entertain your audience, and then encourage engagement and feedback via the comments section. By interacting with your audience and triggering conversations, you build rapport and trust while gaining insight into customer behaviour and satisfaction, and how you're doing as a business and where you can improve.

3. Become a leader

SEO and interaction are all well and good, but clever blogging can also truly shape your brand into an industry leader. Updating regularly with real insights, advice and tips can mean people are actively seeking out your business to enhance their lives, which is worth its weight in gold in terms of branding and credibility. Blogging also gives you the chance to develop particular aspects of your brand that you might deem valuable, such as a focus on innovation or customer service.

4. Spread your wings

As blogging is probably the leading method for creating content, doing it regularly means you continue to multiply your chances of it being shared. Combining an excellent blog with your other online presences, such as Facebook, Twitter and email, means that those who see it and are impressed are likely to pass that content on, and in the world of surprising viral successes, the benefits can be huge.