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5 tips for creating an exceptional website user experience

Your website is your best advertising tool and it's important that you create a great user experience to keep people on your page and coming back to your site.

You don't have to have lots of money and time to be able to improve your website. Just a few simple changes can turnaround your site and make it very user friendly.

1. Use white space

White space is the essential tool in your arsenal for creating a great user experience. White space allows your users to easily focus on text or images on your website. White space also makes your website look modern and fresh, and creates a sense of openness.

But of course, you need to be careful how much white space you use. Too much and it's a wasted space. Too little and your website will feel crowded and cluttered. Find the balance to highlight your information.

2. Does your page take too long to load?

Users hate having to wait for pages to load. It's the most frustrating thing on the internet and a slow loading page could make users fall off. Even a delay of two seconds can cause users to disappear. If you notice certain areas on your website are consistently taking a long time to load speak to your web developer. Chances are they will know a couple of tricks to get things running more smoothly.

3. Use bullet points

Bullets points enable you to get your point across to users quickly - which is exactly what they want. You can also get creative; you don't necessarily have to use round points, you can use a logo, image or symbol instead.

4. Use headings

What your potential customers are looking for should drive your headings. You should include keywords and keep the message short and sweet to target your audience. If users can find what they're looking for easily, they'll have a better experience.

5. Mobile friendly

It's worth putting the time in to make your website mobile friendly. Everyone looks at the internet on their phone and if your site is not easy-to-navigate on every device, your website will fall behind and lose users fast.