Westways Updates

Are You Ready for the Recovery?

The past few years have seen Western Australia go through a rough time economically, with the
mining downturn having a damaging knock-on effect on almost all sectors. Fortunately the economic
situation is beginning to improve, which means there's never been a better occasion to get your
marketing house in order. If you've been delaying a fresh campaign in case it doesn't have the ROI
you crave, or have reined in your advertising budget in an effort to keep profits high, the signs are
that now is the time to be focusing on creating and executing an ambitious marketing strategy which

will give your organisation the results necessary for sustainable success.


Is your marketing strategy hot to trot?

If you're serious about getting high calibre results, focused planning is essential. From making sure
you're clear who your audience are through to identifying your key messages, unique selling points,
goals and objectives, the more effort you put into your strategy, the more likely it is that the right
outcomes will be achieved. The most effective methods for reaching your customers are constantly
changing as fresh innovations and techniques come on stream. The volatile, rapidly evolving nature
of online communication in particular means that up-to-date intelligence on the most effective

approaches is a priority.


How lovely is your marketing collateral?

It's frequently your fliers, literature and website which clinch a client's decision to use your goods or
services, so why do so many companies still feel that dated, poor quality marketing collateral is
going to get the job done? Not only does premium content and presentation give an excellent
impression of your company, it also provides the opportunity to effectively showcase exactly why
your customers need to be turning to you to meet their needs. If you've got a high value product,
high value marketing collateral will likely play a pivotal role in a successful sale, so make sure yours
is as good as it can be.

With evidence that the local economy is in recovery, many companies and consumers now feel able
to take a look at what's out there when it comes to fresh services or investing in new products. Make
sure you're ready for them! Beat the competition and be the first off the mark to hit your target
market with hot, bold, high impact marketing that enables you to stand out from the rest for all the
right reasons.