Westways Updates

Case Study: JDS Metal Doorframes

JDS supplies a range of metal building products to both home renovators and the building indstry. Despite a wide range of products JDS lacked consistent branding and had no comprehensive catalogue with which to show case their complete range.

graphic design example of brochure catalogue

Westways took the existing JDS logo and developed a branding solution which reinforced JDS as a professional organisation and gave its marketing material a clean modern look.

It was essential that the JDS catalogue could appeal to a retail market but also needed to provide an array of technical data for all products to make the catalogue a more valuable sales tool. Westways also took care of producing a range of photographs and all neccessary diagrams and illustrations. The end result was an information rich catalogue which serves to promote JDS and its products while also providing important information to assist the customer in selecting the right product.

graphic design example of brochure spread

The new JDS branding solution was then applied to a range of statonery products and a new web site. The website was developed using existing content from the new catalogue so that the production could be carried out in a fast and efficient manner with minimal hassle to the client. Click here to see the JDS Website

business card graphic designwebsite design development examples

In a short space of time, with the help of Westways, JDS was able to completely revamp their marketing material and promote their company with a fresh new professional image.