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Case Study: Maliks Curry Photography, Design & Packaging

A local Indian restuarant wanted to product a line of ready to eat meals for sale in supermarkets. Westways got to work developing branding and high quality, enticing packaging solutions to ensure the new product line got the best launch possible.

breanding and logo graphic design

Westways worked with the client to find a packaging solution which would be practical as well as catering to the products the products freshness and quality requirements.

Once branding and designs were established Westways staged and propped the dishes in our studio to emphasise the high quality, freshness and authenticity of the meals. This aspect of the job was considered critical in ensuring that the final result appeared both professional and appealing to the customer. The photos needed to be lit to appear bright and clean while showcasing the rich colours of the dishes.

studio product photography for packaging design

The final result was a series of vibrant, eye catching labels which showcased this quality product as well as being easy to apply to food containers. The product line has been well received by customers and has become a huge success.

label packaging graphic design examples