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Case Study: Tytec Branding & Graphic Design

Westways has been responsible for a wide range of design and print solutions for Tytec, including brand identity, coprorate stationery, large scale artwork prints for offices, website design, photography and film production. Initially Westways developed an overall brand identity which was applied to corporate stationery and marketing collateral. Following this, Westways began producing a body of other marketing materials to help promote the company.

stationery and signage marketing graphic design range

Tytec provides a variety of unique services, operating from a highly specialised facility so it was important for Westways to capture detailed stills and video footage of Tytec's processes to effectively market and promote the company. Westways used these to produce a series of brochures showcasing the step by step procedures, giving customers clarity and trust and providing a valuable marketing tool for the company. Footage was then edited to produce a series of short video clips to be used in presentations, expos and online marketing.

multimedia video photography examplescatalogue brochure graphic design examples

With a new body of marketing material a website was then designed to give the company a web presence and further its reach. Using the existing branding and the website was developed to strengthen the Tytec's identity as well as offer a convenient resource for information on the companies services.

website design

Westways was able to give Tytec a strong new brand identity and a professional look as well as all the marketing materials neccessary to promote their services.