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How to create SEO content that really gets results

It's over 20 years now since the idea of search engine optimisation began to take hold. Or is it? In truth, the idea behind the process has been active for as long as advertising has. It's always been good practice to understand what the potential customers for a product or service are looking for, and then to make sure the advertising shows them how they can quickly find what they require.

SEO takes this principle and, when used effectively, greatly increases the possibility of a positive response from an increasing number of searchers. When used effectively. There are still some snake oil salesmen out there, promising to send a business scurrying up the rankings like a mountain goat running from a predator. However, the heavyweights, like Google, are wise to this, and are waiting with a big bat, ready to quickly knock such dubious attempts right out of their ball park.

Effective SEO works over time to build the web presence and ranking positions, but starts with detailed research to clearly identify the key terms those searching for a product or service are most likely to use. Depending on the type of need, this can also include specific geographical areas. You can order a book from anywhere, but are hardly likely to go interstate when searching for a plumber!

Once these key words and phrases are identified, it's then about building them into coherent and response-winning copy. Too many sites simply include terms as often as possible in repetitive and fairly useless content. This means that, having persuaded potential customers to visit their website, these visitors are quickly confused or annoyed by what they find - and head elsewhere. This is as much use as a youngster spending weeks finding the courage to ask someone out on a date - and then not bothering to turn up.

Another key for powerful SEO is to expand its use. This includes on-site actions such as making sure all meta descriptions and title tags make best use of them. Further afield, it's also about applying the process to all social media and blog postings, any magazine articles or press releases and the like.

Taking time to carefully research, and then create, consistent SEO aware content, means that those responding quickly, easily, and clearly find exactly what they are looking for. That's how your SEO activities really get results!