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How to produce a great explainer video

We've all seen explainer videos: a short, information-based video that quickly and basically 'explains' what you're all about without demanding that your viewer reads everything in bland old text form.

But what makes a great explainer video? When you see one, you know exactly what grabs your attention, and usually it's because it's snappy, fun and informative.

So how can you ensure your explainer video is all of the above? Read on:

1. The script

Like a great movie, a great explainer video needs a great script. To write one, you'll first need to really think about what you want to achieve, and then move on to the next steps.

2. Keep it short

Typically, the better the explainer video is, the snappier it is designed to be. Never forget, you're only setting the mood rather than explaining everything, so take a leaf out of Twitter's book and commit to keeping it short.

3. Keep it simple

Because it's short - catering to an audience whose attention span is ever more difficult to hold - the script will have to be simple. So refer back to step one and think hard about what you want to achieve.

Typically, you will present:
a) The problem the customers are facing (their demand)
b) The solution (your business) and its key benefits rather than detailed features
c) A call to action - the next steps they need to take

4. The voice

You have your script, so now you need a voice. Like good versus bad branding, a bad voice - either the voice itself, or the expression - can ruin a great script, so don't cut corners here.

5. Make it fun

No matter the business, product or service, something entertaining, light and funny will always attract attention for the right reasons. A smiling customer is a willing customer, and a bored one is likely to switch off before the end.

6. Cool visuals

The script is the centrepiece, but visuals are also crucially important. Less important, however, is what form they take: from the very simple to the very elaborate, the most important thing is that the visuals support the script and the intention.

7. Music

That smiling customer will also be receptive to music, so it's always a great idea. Music can stir emotions and expertly set the tone, but - like the visuals - make sure you are matching the music to the fundamentals (the script) rather than the other way around.

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