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How to produce a winning infographic

Infographics are one of the most powerful digital marketing tools, as they can say a lot to a reader in a short space of time.

Over the years, more and more companies have come to realise the power of the infographic and now you can see many great visualisations online that capture statistics in a presentable way.

But how can you create an infographic?
We’ve given some top tips below:

Know your statistics

The better the understanding you have of the statistics you are trying to represent, the better your infographic will be. You want to be able to truly portray the overarching message of the statistics and data, which is why you need to have a sound grasp of the figures before you create images and graphs to represent them.

Pick the best way to represent your statistics

Think carefully about the way you want to portray your information. If you use the wrong chart or tool to draw up your data, you can make it into a confusing infographic that is difficult to understand.

Make the infographic easy to grasp

The simpler the infographic, the better. Readers have short online attention spans and you won’t be able to capture your audience for too long if your infographic is too detailed with too much information crammed onto the page. The easier your infographic is to digest, the better.

Show the entire picture

Although you want your infographic to be simple and straight to the point, it’s still important that the information is balanced and fair. So double check the accuracy of your source and ensure you create an infographic that best reflects the numbers in an objective way.

Don’t misrepresent your statistics

Don’t create an infographic that needlessly swaps out straightforward charts and graphs with pictures and designs that might look pretty but distract or misrepresent what you’re trying to say. It’s fine to design your infographic beautifully, but try not to add in imagery where it’s not needed, as this might crowd your design and confuse your message.

Remember there is a fine balance between creating a stunning looking infographic and ensuring your audience can understand the data. Focus on the overall meaning or message you want to communicate. Keep it simple and you should be safe.