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How to use calls to action effectively

In marketing, a call to action does exactly what it says on the tin - asks the customer to do something. Amid all that colourful, shiny, beautifully-crafted marketing hoopla, a call to action is where the customer will either commit, or turn their heels.

'Call now', 'sign up here' or 'buy this product' are three of the simplest forms of call to action, and getting it right with something really effective and relevant can be the difference between lots of sales or none at all.

Calls to action typically appear at the end of content, like a blog post, but they can actually be anywhere on a landing page, in a video, advertisement and social media message - essentially in any medium and any format whatsoever.

The difficult part is not always where to put the call to action, but how - because the very reason it exists is to give whoever is looking at your content a compelling reason to take an action, rather than get on with their day. In that way, creating great marketing content is nothing, unless it makes the people who read it actually do something tangible.

So here's a few things to remember when it comes to crafting a compelling call to action.

1. Don't suggest - ask

It sounds simple, but if you're wondering why those conversions just aren't happening, maybe it's because you're not asking. So do things like not leaving your call to action vague, and push the urgency button a little: 'Don't miss out by clicking here!' is a good example. 'Secure your seat before time runs out' is another.

2. Give them something

Let's be honest: your customers can live without you, but you can't live without your customers. So there's no point imagining this is a level playing field - you need to make clear in your call to action how your product or service will directly benefit your customer. Why should they bother to pick you over your competitors? Your call to action will give the answer. 'Get your free week of service here' is a great example.

3. Engage

You almost know enough now to get crafting your compelling call to action, so let's leave it on a final thought. As a good marketer, if you have the full attention of the reader, that's a powerful position to be in - so exploit it. Your customer may not be ready to buy, but they may be quite curious, so a great call to action can be what tips the balance.