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Marketing on a Budget: How to get great results without spending a fortune

While every business is different, with varied target markets and availability of resources, they all have one thing that affects the way they run things: their budget. While many proven successful methods of advertising can be costly, there are still ways you can be savvy with your marketing spend.

1. Invest in the message

So often we see advertisements that really miss the mark. They might have secured prime real estate, or a large SOV, but the creative is underwhelming and fails to cut through the clutter. There is no point investing in the medium if the messaging isn’t right, or there is the potential to get lost. The creative message is vital, so invest in a creative team who understand your objective and can portray the brand message clearly and creatively, and you won't be wasting your money.

2. Always engage

It pays to spend time engaging with your customers, whether it’s in person or online. The first places potential customers are going to visit is either your website or social media pages. Reply quickly to emails and messages to build a rapport with customers.

3. Create partnerships

Each brand has their own unique equity. Whether it's an in-venue menu, or a digital screen, there are ways to trade assets that are equally beneficial to both parties. Research a company that has a completely different product from your own, but engages with the same target audience. You can also join budgets and share marketing materials, such as double sided flyers in a local area drop.

4. Track everything

There’s no point reinvesting in a medium that looks great and gathers hype, but doesn’t bring in any revenue to your business. Add a QR code to your print ads, create a unique URL for your digital banners. Create medium-specific offers or discounts and track the redemptions. This way, you’ll never waste money in ineffective marketing.

5. Be consistent

While you might have a large Facebook following, or a tonne of Twitter followers, they will drop off if content dries up. Make sure you’re committed to spending time hiring a content creator, or maintain the platform yourself, otherwise it becomes a wasted platform.