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Using event driven marketing to drive success

05 Sep, 2016
EDM has been around for 20 years, but with the advent of social media, technologically-linked EDM will be evolving for years to come, making users' and customers' experiences more fulfilling and appropriate to their interests, thus driving business growth.
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How to use calls to action effectively

29 Aug, 2016
Amid all that colourful, shiny, beautifully-crafted marketing hoopla, a call to action is where the customer will either commit, or turn their heels. Here's a few things to remember when it comes to crafting a compelling call to action.
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How to create a winning social media strategy

26 Aug, 2016
As a business, you shouldn’t be ignoring social media. Having a social presence is a brilliant way to advertise your services and firmly cement your company as a thought leader in your industry. But how do you create a winning social media strategy? We’ve come up with some tips to help you do just that.
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Graphic design: why you need to leave it to the professionals

24 Aug, 2016
These days, with an abundance of technology, software, apps and services available to us online and in the digital world, we're not often wrong in thinking we can handle projects ourselves, rather than getting in the professionals. However, there's always going to be the need to bring in the pros for certain tasks, especially ones that relate to ensuring your brand is hitting the mark in all possible aspects.
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How to create SEO content that really gets results

08 Aug, 2016
It's over 20 years now since the idea of search engine optimisation began to take hold. Or is it? In truth, the idea behind the process has been active for as long as advertising has. It's always been good practice to understand what the potential customers for a product or service are looking for, and then to make sure the advertising shows them how they can quickly find what they require.
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Which social media platforms should I be promoting my business on?

22 Jul, 2016
Diving into the online world, full of branding and exploding with viral messages from every corner of the globe, is a hugely challenging task. With so many approaches to take and hurdles to jump, businesses looking to expand their presence online must know how to utilise the extremely powerful pull of social media. But knowing which platforms to get started on is a whole other story.
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