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The importance of colour in website design

04 Oct, 2016
Got a great website design but wondering why you're struggling to engage and convert? It could be as simple as the colours. Colour psychology is something that can be underestimated or even neglected altogether - but understanding its importance can be the key to a successful website.
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Redesigning your website? Here are some current design trends to look out for

19 Sep, 2016
As the web matures, so does its capacity to support a vital design community. New trends constantly ebb and flow, with many gaining no traction at all, but some have the potential for real impact and lasting effect. Here are a few ideas that have earned strong support in the last year or two and look to have an even stronger impact as time goes on.
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Which social media platforms should I be promoting my business on?

22 Jul, 2016
Diving into the online world, full of branding and exploding with viral messages from every corner of the globe, is a hugely challenging task. With so many approaches to take and hurdles to jump, businesses looking to expand their presence online must know how to utilise the extremely powerful pull of social media. But knowing which platforms to get started on is a whole other story.
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Solutions not Snake Oil

03 Jun, 2016
Westways have partnered with one of Perth’s leading content provider, brand optimiser and SEO companies Viper Online Marketing. Their name may be Viper but this ain’t snake oil!
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Case Study: Tytec Branding & Graphic Design

04 Jan, 2016
Westways has been responsible for a wide range of design and print solutions for Tytec, including brand identity, coprorate stationery, large scale artwork prints for offices, website design, photography and film production. Initially Westways developed an overall brand identity which was applied to corporate stationery and marketing collateral. Following this, Westways began producing a body of other marketing materials to help promote the company.
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