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Using event driven marketing to drive success

Event driven marketing (EDM) was first used at National Australia Bank, way back in the pre-social media world of the mid-1990s. It is a dynamic, personalised form of marketing that uses triggers and events that relate to any given specific customer or potential customer. It uses milestones or actions by a consumer to make a marketing pitch that is personalised to their circumstances.

EDM has been around for 20 years, but with the advent of social media, technologically-linked EDM will be evolving for years to come, making users' and customers' experiences more fulfilling and appropriate to their interests, thus driving business growth.

Facebook's use of EDM

Facebook is probably the most high profile user of EDM. They maintain a global database that stores and collates all information entered by their 1.71 billion users to create individual profiles. This information is then used to inform how Facebook interacts with each user, in order to enrich their experience and therefore the amount of time spent on it. The more time users spend on the site, the more Facebook can charge advertisers.

EDM uses triggers and a range of events to enrich a user's experience; it gives an impression of a "personal touch" or the feeling that Facebook "understands me".

The use of EDM by Facebook also helps marketers tap into the Facebook database to target precisely who they want to see their advertising, cutting down on costs.

It's this last feature and the dynamic targeting it allows for marketers that has given Facebook a market valuation of $350 billion and heading toward $1 trillion.

How you can use EDM to drive success

Facebook is the biggest success story in the world of EDM, but small and medium business can use EDM to succeed by building up user generated profiles in a database - with permission - that creates triggers and events that can be used to market around.

The successful implementation of EDM drives an enriching and fulfilling user or customer experience and drives sales, as marketed opportunities are highly geared to each individual.