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What do your customers want? | Selecting the right information for business to business marketing

The challenge of visual marketing is to get across all the things that make your product or service stand out in a short amount of time. Understanding what motivates your customer to shop for your particular product or service is critical when it comes to selecting the most important information to your customer and the information that will make them take the next step.

A shopper's motivations can range from emotional desire (like wanting a shiny new car) to simply looking for the easiest way to deal with a necessary task (like getting the car insured). With business to business marketing we need to consider what people are trying to achieve when they source new suppliers or service providers.

'Business customers may not be directly interested in a product but they are often very interested in ways of saving time, effort or money.'
In many cases these customers aren't personally interested in our products but they are very interested in reducing wastage or downtime, streamlining workloads, improving the bottom line or just making their own job easier. Most of the time your sales people will have a good feel for what your customers value but a company's marketing material does not always reflect this.

With business to business marketing phrases like 'high quality', 'premium' or 'superior' will build trust but without further information may miss an opportunity to focus in on what your customer really cares about if we don't spell out exactly how your customer will benefit from your service.

Put simply the two most important things your business to business marketing material should do is:
Firstly, tell the customer what you do. And second tell them exactly HOW you are going to make their life easier and their business more profitable. These two things should be the most visible and attention grabbing parts of your marketing.

So how do we turn this information into an effective marketing device?

Choose 1 or 2 statements to lead:

You may be able to offer a dozen good selling points on your services but leading with the 1 or 2 that you think are the most important to your customers gives you a better chance of getting your point across to potential customers who are unlikely to read everything if they don’t see what they want quickly. These points should be the most prominent part of the marketing design.

Offer some proof without getting bogged down:

Your customer is often a layman when it comes to what you do but your marketing should create trust by giving them the feeling they understand exactly how your product is better and how it is going to be of value to them. Statements should be kept short but tell people how your manufacturing processes, quality control, or business models make your product last longer or work better or just makes the process of ordering easier and faster.

Offer extra reading:

The rest of your information should invite people to read more but recognise that most people will just skim this. It is tempting to try to include everything but if it is too hard for the customer to find the information they care about they will stop trying and the opportunity is wasted. All your marketing needs to do is give people enough certainty in your company to pick up the phone.

By keeping these points in mind marketing material can be made much more effective and is more likely to get potential customers in the door.

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