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Which social media platforms should I be promoting my business on?

Diving into the online world, full of branding and exploding with viral messages from every corner of the globe, is a hugely challenging task. For businesses that are still yet to migrate from traditional marketing tactics into the digital sphere, exploring the new realms in this space can be daunting. With so many approaches to take and hurdles to jump, businesses looking to expand their presence online must know how to utilise the extremely powerful pull of social media. But knowing which platforms to get started on is a whole other story.

Luckily, we've compiled a few tips to help you get started.

For e-commerce businesses

If you've ever taken a moment out to yourself to do a little retail therapy online, the likes of Google are virtually exploding with products from industries of all kinds. To ensure they're able to get their product seen above competitors, its critical that these businesses utilise what social media can bring to the table.

For e-commerce stores that are taking their brick and mortar store to the next level, using social media giants Pinterest and Instagram is a hugely advantageous field to learn. Allowing you to display your biggest assets in visual pinboards and arrangements, you can give your prospective customers the perfect first impression of what you've got on offer. These social platforms are a huge pulling power for businesses that need to show rather than tell, and allow you to utilise stunning photography to flaunt your goods. These are then easily shareable across audiences, giving users the opportunity to share and "repin" their favourite posts from your account, potentially allowing for your update to go "viral".

For fast-paced businesses

Those working in fields like politics, media, education, advertising, finance, real estate or law (to name a few) are likely to come across many newsworthy headlines and trending topics during the course of their day. Platforms like Twitter allow these players to create a "buzz" around what they're involved in with their industry, how latest trends can affect their customers, and what the biggest news updates are that need to be known. Twitter works on the basis that micro-conversations explode out of hashtags and 140-character "tweets", giving businesses the chance to tell the world what's going on, whilst all the while targeting the audience down to location. This platform is perfect for promoting businesses that operate more out of a "magazine-like" website or blog, rather than an e-commerce store.

For the all-rounders

It's a hugely popular thought that any kind of business can, and should be, active on Facebook. This giant is still next to none in the world of social media promotion in the corporate world, and that is likely to remain true in the near future. With paid options to leverage businesses above others, displaying ads to interested audiences and micro-target prospective customers, Facebook is still the number one option for any social media advertising approach. Whether you're a plumber, a photographer, a huge enterprise or a tiny accounting firm, this platform should always be the first step on your list.

Not sure where to start? Consider asking yourself what your objectives are, where your target audience is likely to be and what you'd like to get out of using these platforms.