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Why is a content marketing strategy so important for SEO?

When creating content to market your business online, it's essential to understand what needs to be incorporated to rank successfully with Google and other search engines, this is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). While creating copy that is informative, as well as topic and industry-specific, is important, in conjunction with this it has to be easily filtered and categorised by search engine algorithms to achieve better page ranking. Integral to developing targeted SEO content that responds well in organic searches with Google and other search engines is developing a content marketing strategy.

What is a content marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy is a programme which focuses on creating, publishing and distributing content targeted to reach a marketing goal or goals. Before a company implements a content marketing campaign, a strategy needs to be developed to guide the direction of the campaign to ensure the best marketing results.

Keyword research and planning

After a content marketing strategy has been created, keyword research and planning needs to be undertaken. Keywords are one of the main content features that Google and other search engines use to categorise and filter content for organic search results. By researching to see which keywords are more popular in online searches for specific industries, products and services, content can be tailored to obtain a higher ranking. While it's crucial to have the right keywords embedded in your online content, these must be added naturally, not "stuffed", or search engines crawling the content can penalise you by ranking poorly.


Metadata is another important feature that needs to be added to your online content for more successful page ranking, because search engines scan metadata to find out information about web pages. It is otherwise known as an underlying description or definition used to summarise data.

Within the metadata you generally include a short description of a web page, with keywords included, known as metatags. Metatags are often displayed in organic searches and assist search engines with determining content relevance in organic searches.

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