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Graphic Design and Printing

A picture's worth 1000 words
Westways have been specialising in brochure and catalogue design and production for many years and have produced small single sided flyers through to 200+ page product catalogues. One of the main reasons we specialise in brochures and catalogue production is our in-house photography service. The beauty of having in house photography is the photographer and the graphic designer all work under the same roof, enabling us to shoot the perfect product photo for your production. We don't have to design around photos. This saves time and money as well as having better photos and a better final result.

E-Brochure delivery
Once we have created your stunning new brochure we can can easily generate an eBook, eBrochure and PDF’s so you can distribute your brochure or catalogue with ease electronically via email or for download. Did you know having brochures and document for download on your web site can help with your search ranking?

Brochure Templates
Here at Westways every job is a custom design by our qualified graphic designers, this ensures your design will fit in with all your existing marketing and branding. If your brochure or catalogue design needs to be applied to many products, we can create a template of the design. This template can be supplied in many different formats like an MS Word template or even a PowerPoint template.

Brochures: Text
Brochures: Pro Gallery
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