Digital photography has revolutionised the world of photography.

Since 1996 Westways have been at the forefront of this revolution and have the technology and skills necessary to produce exceptional digital images. Westways are able to plan, compose and photograph everything from a horse on a farm to a bottle of wine in our custom built studio.

A huge part of any photo shoot is the post production photoshop work. We’ve all heard the expression that’s been Photoshopped, well the truth is every photo taken for commercial use has been through Photoshop. From the basics of a bit of brightens and contrast, unsharp masking or simple clipping path to remove the background through to the crazy work done on some fashion models, Photoshop is everywhere!

We to use this powerful tool to edit our shoots or your supplied images to achieve a final brilliant image. 

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CPS - Case Study
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JDS Metal Doorframes - Case Study
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Malik's Curries - Case Study
Food packaging design, photography and production
Margaret River Wines - Case Study
Graphic design, packaging, printing, photography, fliers & website
Packaging & Point of Sale
Graphic Design and Printing
Savage Dingo - Case Study
Logo design, web site, signage, business cards, flyers, Stubby holders, Facebook
TyreSafe Australia - Case Study
Website design, graphic design, printing
Tytec - Case Study
Wedsite design, location photography, printing